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to the Black Rock FC players of the month.

Selected players demonstrated outstanding character, performance and intelligence while representing Black Rock throughout February.


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Claudia Torres has worked hard throughout her training sessions, and gives the girls a solid backbone to the team within the pipes. A great communicator during practice, she breeds confidence in those players who play in front of her. Her imposing nature as a goalie allows her strength to dominate in the box
Prince Loney-Bailey has been the most consistent in terms of in-game production where he has been locking down any overlapping runs as well as making effective runs forward when attacking. Locks down players checking in and communicates well to hand players off to midfielders. Looks to make skip passes as well as the right pass.
Ben Secor played wherever he was asked in our opening weekend of games at Mainline and was very coachable.  He played at center back, and and at right back, and helped the U17 Premier ensure two W's in their first weekend of play.  
Zobran Elias shut down Lower Merion's best player and preserved a shut out for the team.  Led the back line to a 0-0 tie.
Jalen Commisiong​ showed steady and consistent leadership on defense. He consistently joined the team on attack and provided services into the box. Jalen also scored the winning goal against Oakwood from one of his multiples runs on the overlap.
Luke Smith has been instrumental in our midfield against Oakwood and Union. Man covering their play makers in both games and disrupting their play. He also scored against both DA teams.
Josh Bolma shows up to all training sessions and working extremely hard.  Leading by example in the training sessions.  He also controlled the midfield for U17 Elite at Mainline Friendlies and helped us dictate the run of play versus our opponents. 
Liv Morales continues to train hard with the 2002 girls ahead of their spring season. Her dedication to training and her stellar attendance record has seen her improve over the winter. She is working hard and pushing herself to really make an impact and be a leader with the girls team this spring.
Thomas Yegbor was a catalyst all weekend at the Mainline Friendlies providing and creating goal scoring opportunities for his teammates.
Keel Brissett scored 1st goal against Penn Fusion at the Mainline Friendlies in Game #1.  It was a banger from 22 yards out curled with his right to the back post and in from the left side of the field. Also played really well in the other 2 games.
Alex Van Schalkwyk understands our press and did very well in knowing when and when not to high press against the Union. Forced effectively by cutting off the switches back across forcing them to go long and turn the ball over. Communicated well with #10 to block off the holding mid as well. Held the ball well up top all of last weekend to find a pass to someone underneath. Produces consistent hard work at every training and game and works for the team rather than himself.
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